Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend Wonders

LOL, couldn't think of anything else to call it. I am over my hissy fit, and life has slowed down over the weekend so i am feeling a bit more back to normal. Friday i was still flat out getting all the new yummy stuff up on the website and writing the newsletter and of course it took WAY longer than i had planned. We had invited friends over for dinner for Friday night, and the house was a mess through neglect cause i was so busy elsewhere, and i had to do the shopping, get Jacobs hair cut, chop stuff for dinner and on top of all that i STILL hadn't finished the newsletter. Thankfully George rang me when i was just about to finish work to tell me he was at the supermarket and had finished work early. THANK GOODNESS, there was no way i could get all that done, we were busting our guts with the 2 of us as it was. Anyway, i was still at the computer typing away, copying codes, etc when our visitors arrived. We had an awesome night, we have been trying to catch up with these guys for months and finally did AND we used our little out door area too. It finally got christened properly. We had dinner, dessert and after dinner munchies out there infront of the fire. Unfortunately there were no marshies to toast on the fire, but we made do with toasting cabana and cheese (if you havn't tried it, its a must for your next party) its amazing what you can come up with after a few drinks, LOL. Yes, i drank far more than i should have, but i have had a very busy week. As i was trying to send the newsletter after our visitors left i realised i shouldn't have drunk that much, so if i stuffed up the appologies, LOL. Saturday was back to work. I had a really busy morning with customers and the Gorgeous Raylene came to hang with me for a bit and drool on some new stuff too. I soooo love the socialness of my job, i love that friends can drop in to see me, i love that i can have a little scrap if i want to (well, if i have time to, not as much as i would like) i can chat with customers and have made many friends from my customers too. Its really quite different to any other job i have had, no other job you can indulge yourself in your hobby and passion, you get such an insight into other peoples lives and them into your life too, and, well, it sure beats changing poopy nappies and dealing with preschoolers with attitude...i can do that at home anytime ;) Anyway, got side tracked....The rest of saturday i spent scrapping at home, i have just had that much to do at work that i had to scrap at home. I finally finished my "freestyle" class sample and all i have to say is....i have NO IDEA how i got myself into teaching that class, i am WAY too anal to do freestyle. But after procrastinating for weeks on it, i finally have a LO i am happy with. YAY. Today was a bit lazy too, George mowed the lawns and got stuck into pulling up a brick path in the back yard, so i shovled a little dirt and supervised a little ;) Then i decided that i wanted to watch a movie, so off to the vid shop, but have i watched my movie??? um, NO. Bum. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night then. Anyway, just thought i would do a quick upddate, so see ya's all for now.


At 11/07/2006 09:15:00 AM, Blogger Nathan Finlayson said...

Cant wait to come over and try out the new outdoor area,But you better have;)


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