Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hailey said.....

I went to pick Hailey up from daycare today and one of the staff members approached me and said, "i have to tell you what Hailey said today" she was smiling so i knew it wasn't something really mean and nasty, athough they also thought it was funny when they had to tell me she had told another kid to "piss off" about 12 months ago. I was still cringing, because she has said some pretty embaressing things about me lately and was hoping that it wasn't that ;) Anyway, it was a conversation between Hailey and another child. Child - My Mum's having a baby. Hailey - My Mum's not having any more babies because Dad has sore nuts and they have a bruise on them so Mum can't have any more babies. Apparently the staff had a good laugh about it. Another funny thing she has been saying lately is about a jumper I bought her. We were shopping in Target and i spotted a jumper that says "You're NOT the boss of me" I picked it up and said.... Mum - Oh, this jumper is soooo you Hails, i have to buy it for you. Hailey - What does it say? Mum - "You're NOT the boss of me". Thats so you, isn't it? Hailey - I don't say that. Mum - No, i know you don't say it, but it's definately how you act. So we bought it and now whenever someone comments on her jumper she says "I don't really say that, it's just how I act" Other news. My headache and crusty mood has turned into a cold, so hopefully with the cold and flu tablets i got today, I can knock it on the head so i can still enjoy my weekend. I have so much book work to do and my accountant after me for it, but i really needed to scrap today. I did do some book work too, I promise. This is a case of Michelle M's layout in the Max Gallery as part of Tracy's challenge. It was so much fun, i think i might have to find another LO in there to case, there are so many gorgeous LO's in there, its hard to pick just 1. Well, after I have done the book work of course ;)


At 7/06/2006 08:39:00 PM, Blogger Belinda said...

How hilarious Amber...your DD sounds like a real character!!
Great LO too..looks adorable.. :)



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