Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A bit of random waffle

* I found where the sock monster hides out......under the other computer desk. I found 23 socks under there while cleaning up the other day. And i thought Jacob was in desparate need of socks....well he WAS, but not anymore, LOL. * Our heater FINALLY got fixed today, YAY. So i have spent a fair amount of time this evening sitting infront of the heater watching TV, and i could actually HEAR the TV, which was even better, one happy mumma now ;) * Finally got all my BAS done and into my accountant and is all looking as it should be, YAY again. * I now need to organise our personal tax to get done. I am hoping to have that sorted and to my accountant next week so we can get our refund and work out what we are going to spend it on, most likely the house, it needs heaps of work and a I need a new lounge suit. * The last few weeks i have felt more organised at home than i think i have ever felt before. It's kinda cool, might have to try and keep it up. * My girl is totally blowing me away with her writing at the moment. She will sit and write flat out, and if you read it exactly how is sounds, you can work out what she has written. It's so amazing and i have no idea what I am supposed to do with her. All this training and years of working with kinder kids and i have no idea what to do with my own 4 year old. * I looked after my super beautiful nephew Sam on Sunday. He is so well behaved and just gorgeous, i just want to cuddle him and eat him up ;) * Nic, Nath and family came for dinner on Sunday night. They rock. * I did a pregnancy photo shoot on saturday and i am so pleased with the photos i took. We had a few things against us on the day, but the photos are awesome. I just hope they print as good as they look on screen. * That is for now i think. Until next time. Cya :)

Monday, July 24, 2006


I have been tagged by the gorgeous porgeous Karen R so here are my answers. Four jobs I've had: 1. Macca's chick, pretty cool job while i was still at school. 2. Checkout chick and service supervisor at Safeway in Kew while I was at uni. Mostly loved this job too. 3. Childcare worker, had its ups and downs, generally good for the most part, but i am a bit "over" kids ATM, LOL. 4. Owning my own scrap shop, YAY, you jealous???? Four movies I can watch over and over: 1. Most Pixar movies are compulsary to watch over again when you have kids, luckily i like most of them. 2. 10 thing I hate about you. Love it but havn't watched it for ages. 3. Suddenly 30 4. Ummm.....can't think of another one. TV shows I love to watch; I don't watch a lot of TV, but i do like... 1. Sex and the City 2. Friends 3. Will and Grace 4. Hmmm, thats a bit of a sad list, sitcom central, LOL, think I will stop there. Four important things to me: 1. My children and hubby 2. My close friends 3. Scrapbooking and my business 4. happiness and doing what makes you happy. Four tunes that play in my head: 1. Songbird - Bernard Fanning 2. Skater Boy - Avril (Hailey's Fave too so we sing it together, LOL) 3. I like big butts - Jacob's fave, and i hear it a lot too. 4. Pretty Vagas - JD / INXS Four favourite food dishes: 1. Chocolate (goes without saying) 2. Stirfry with noodles. 3. Mum's chicken Puffs ;) 4. G's chocolate salty balls, LOL. Four websites I visit daily: 1. The MAX of course. 2. My friends blogs. 3. ummm...... 4. Nothing much else on a daily basis, but i go to supplier website regularly. Four scrap companies I like: 1. BasicGrey 2. Heidi Swapp 3. Kelly Panacci 4. Prima Four colours I like: 1. Pink 2. Chocolate Brown 3. Pink 4. Chocolate Brown Four people I am tagging: 1. My Hubby George (not that he will be able to answer the scrappy Q's) 2. My friend Super Nathan (as above, LOL) 3 & 4. Anyone else that wants to do it. P.S. I'll be buggered, i have just worked out how to change the colour of my text, gee i can be so blonde sometimes, LOL. Be prepared for some very colourful entries from now on, LOL. ;)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Something happened..... :)

Well, don't get too excited. But i have had a more exciting day yesterday and today. Firstly, last night i did Raylene's KI Memories Class and did these 2 LO's

The class was awesome as usual, and I am so pleased with my LO's. The class was asbout using 1 set of papers and getting 2 LO's from it. Was really cool. Thanks Raylene ;) In shop news, I have some new stock. But amongst a busy few days, i havn't had time to upload it all to the website yet. I have all the images ready to go, so hopefully i will get some time tomorrow morning. I DID start on my LO about Hailey's typing skill, but i am not at all sure about what I have done so far, so i might have to look at it again next week and see what I can do with it.

And I bought a CLEO Mag today, in my disgust for COSMO at the moment, LOL, i have really missed my monthly read.

Ok, thats it from me. Cya.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Still Boring.

Sorry everyone, my life hasn't really got much more interesting in the past few days, so nothing much to report. Although, i DID have a lovely afternoon with my girl yesterday. On Tuesday's she has kinder till 1pm then we have a few hours to kill before we pick Jacob up from school, but this week Jacob decided he was going home with one of his school friends, so it was just me and Hails all afternoon together.....and what do 2 chicks do with a free afternoon????? Go shopping of course!!!! We went to a few opp shops, she loves digging through the books, so she got a few books and picked a few for Jacob. We also went to the Warehouse and KMart and did heaps together and she was so delightful. She also had a play on my computer at work and did some lovely typing on it, which i took note from and plan to do a layout to document it. She really suprises me sometimes at how clever she is and how much she takes in, it's amazing, and i really am strongly doubting her kinder teaches reasons for wanting Hailey to repeat kinder, there is no way this kid needs to stay back. Right now Jacob is the one we are concerned about, and it really wouldn't suprise me if his teachers recomends him to stay down this year, he just has no interest at all in learning anything and its so frustrating. Anyway, I have finished all my book work, BAS statement done and all sorted, so i might even get to scrap this week if i am lucky, I really want to do this layout about Hailey typing on the computer, so, hopefully my next post will contain the LO all finished....well, maybe.....don't hold your breath for it though, OK. Cya ;)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Cosmopolitan Girl!!!

I can't beleive that i am going to publicly admit this, but I have been addicted to buying and reading the Cosmo Mag. I have been buying it for the past 4 months and i am really enjoying a bit of light reading every now and then. I am not normally the type of chick that will pick up a book and read, well, not since school when i HAD to read. The only other reading material i have frequented since school is books for preschoolers and scrapping mags. I still love reading scrapping mags, but really, i can do that at work, i needed something that i could just chill out with, so COSMO it is, LOL. But, I must say I am a bit disappointed with the latest one, read it in one night and was not really impressed. I usually read them over about a week and generally come out of it feeling enlightened about something, but this month....NOTHING!!!! I even yawned at the sealed section. :( I hope next months issue is better. So can you tell i don't have anything terribly important to write about?? Hopefully something really exciting happens tomorrow so my next post is not so boring ;)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Newsletter layouts.

Well, this week has kinda gone past in a bit of a blur, feel like i have had heaps on my plate, and my plate just keeps getting fuller and fuller everyday, and add to that, a good dose of lack of sleep....I am not sure how i actually made it through the week. Thursday i was at the shop till 1am chatting with Raylene, Nic and Eva after a class and then Friday i was up again till 1am chatting online to friends....any wonder i am tired, LOL. So after work Saturday, i put on my trackies and sat down to do the newsletter. I am so pleased with this months newsletter, it's our biggest one yet, and it looks fabulous, all the DT girls have been working so hard this month and it definately shows, thanks DT girls. After the newsletter went out last night, i did manage to get a relativly early night and a sleep-in this morning too, so i am much better today. Today has been another tracky day, I havn't been anywhere or done anything except vege out and build a big bionical for Jacob. George even did the grocery shoppinmg for me and we just hooked into roast lamb with yummy roast vegies and I made an apple crumble for dessert which i am not sure i have room for now after the roast. Anyway, here are my layouts from the newsletter.... First one is a funny photos of Jacob having a good belly laugh. This was part of the doodling gallery and i really had fun doing this one, a really cheap and easy page using pen on the boarder and also the title is all pen.

Next one is my gorgeous girl having a cuddle with me after falling off a swing. This paper is soooooo yummy, i love it. And last one is Jacob's batman bike he got for christmas. Well, thats it for now, cya's.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Showing my age....

Well.... maybe showing more arse than age, LOL. DON'T LOOK MUM!!!! OK, due to popular demand, here are the photos of mine and Nic's matching "Yummy Mummy" undies that Super Nathan made us on Saturday night. I am still recovering from my very busy birthday with the sale yesterday. We had so many orders to pack, we were still packing today. And Nicole copped the lovely job of cleaning up the mess i left at the shop as i was so busy with orders, i didn't get time to do anything else. Then Nicole and I topped off our day with making a few orders for new stock, yummy yummy yummy. Ok, off to get an early night sleep. Cya.

Monday, July 10, 2006

YAY I am 31.

I am 31 and I have had the best day today. Birthday's are usually a bit of a "well, it's just another day" kinda thing with me and i don't normally make a big thing of it either, but this year, it has been so much fun. I have had emails galore to read with birthday wishes, i have had phone calls, friends dropping in to the shop, and the birthday sale was a HUGE success, I have been rushed off my feet and its been a great day. Then tonight I had my SIL, BIL and Nephew, Sam come for a visit and they bought desert with them too, sooooo yummy. I also had a really great weekend with my wonderfully fantastic friends. They did lots of little things that really helped to make my birthday special. Nic made me a chocolate brownie for my cake, toped with chocolate and M&M's and 31 candles, and not forgeting the barbie on top with "bite me" undies, LOL). I also had the pleasure of sharing my cake and candle blowing with the gorgeous Maddy Moo who also celebrated her birthday this week. YAY for the birthday girls ;) Nath made me some "yummy mummy" undies which i proudly wore on Sunday when we all went to Gumbya Park. The wind was soooo cold, but we all still had a fun day. It looks like we had more fun than the kids, but i promise they loved it too ;) Thanks Nic, Nath and kids for a great weekend ;)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

2 hours left

I have only 2 hours left of being 30, flirty and dirty :( Right now, i don't think i am as excited as i should be as this cold seems to be getting the better of me. But hopefully tomorrow will be a good day, i am having a birthday sale just for me, where you get 31% off all my fave products. This includes the entire KI Memories range, the Kelly Panacci range, new K&Co papers, Heidi Swapp Plastic alphabets, repackaged collections chipboard shapes, and all ribbons by the metre for Monday only :) I have had a fabulous weekend with my wonderful friends. Will share some pics and details later when I am feeling better. I am off to bed. Catch ya tomorrow when i am 31 and ............ (still havn't got my new saying).

Friday, July 07, 2006


WARNING...this blog entry features a never before seen image of our kitchen. Please make sure you are seated to view this image.

To some this may look like an ordinary kitchen, but for those that have seen the usual state of my bench tops.......well......need I say more?

I have NEVER had this much bench space. Now all i have to do is try to keep it like this, thats the tricky bit, LOL.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hailey said.....

I went to pick Hailey up from daycare today and one of the staff members approached me and said, "i have to tell you what Hailey said today" she was smiling so i knew it wasn't something really mean and nasty, athough they also thought it was funny when they had to tell me she had told another kid to "piss off" about 12 months ago. I was still cringing, because she has said some pretty embaressing things about me lately and was hoping that it wasn't that ;) Anyway, it was a conversation between Hailey and another child. Child - My Mum's having a baby. Hailey - My Mum's not having any more babies because Dad has sore nuts and they have a bruise on them so Mum can't have any more babies. Apparently the staff had a good laugh about it. Another funny thing she has been saying lately is about a jumper I bought her. We were shopping in Target and i spotted a jumper that says "You're NOT the boss of me" I picked it up and said.... Mum - Oh, this jumper is soooo you Hails, i have to buy it for you. Hailey - What does it say? Mum - "You're NOT the boss of me". Thats so you, isn't it? Hailey - I don't say that. Mum - No, i know you don't say it, but it's definately how you act. So we bought it and now whenever someone comments on her jumper she says "I don't really say that, it's just how I act" Other news. My headache and crusty mood has turned into a cold, so hopefully with the cold and flu tablets i got today, I can knock it on the head so i can still enjoy my weekend. I have so much book work to do and my accountant after me for it, but i really needed to scrap today. I did do some book work too, I promise. This is a case of Michelle M's layout in the Max Gallery as part of Tracy's challenge. It was so much fun, i think i might have to find another LO in there to case, there are so many gorgeous LO's in there, its hard to pick just 1. Well, after I have done the book work of course ;)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Randomness again.

More random thoughts, soo much easier, dont have to make sure it all make sense, cause i am not so good at that at the best of times. * I have had a very flat few days and my little headache from the last few days has turned into a monster today. Panadol didn't even touch it, so thanks Nic for the Advil, it kinda worked. I thought it might have been my back, so G gave it a crack thismorning, but it's not my back, maybe its just stress, or maybe its the looming 31 in less than a week. * With my next birthday just around the corner, i am happy to have made it this far and grateful to be having another birthday, eventhough the thought of leaveing my "30, flirty and dirty" comfort zone is frightning. I need a new "31" slogan now......any ideas? * Being 30 has been pretty cool for the most part, i have had some great times, some REALLY great times, but also some pretty shitty times. * I am looking forward to 31, so I can continue the good times, and leave all the shit behind. * My friendship toward other people is genuine. If i don't like you as much as i say I do, you would know. Trust me, you would know. (also, if i didn't mean it, i wouldn't say it) * I took my girl to daycare without her hair done today.....and of course its photo day. I had to go back to daycare and do her hair. I am such a slack mum. * Been thinking of taking Jacob to the doctor about his bed wetting. He seems to have a very weak bladder and will even wet his pants if he laughs too much and wets his bed way more than i would expect a 7 year old to. I am beginning to think that maybe its a medical thing related to the groin operation he had when he was 2. Perhaps we should stop being so hard on him if he can't help it. If i take him to the Dr's, how will they know, how will they tell, will i just look like a paranoid mother? Do I take him or not? * I have cleaned today. I have a kitchen sink the fly lady would be proud of, unfortunately, thats about the only thing she'd be proud of, I am the worst housewife in the world. * I don't want to cook dinner cause it will mess up my nice clean kitchen :( and besides that.....i hate cooking. * I soooooo need to scrap, i really want to have a go at Tracy's case challenge in the forum, but i have my accountant breathing down my neck for my book work. So i guess i should do that first :( * Been out looking at the sunset for a homework thing Jacob is doing. I let him loose with my camera.....he is so much like his father, even has the "i'm a shit hot photographer" stance happening, the repetitive clicking (lucky its digi) and look.......he even takes "artsy" photos like his dad.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

What's the reason behind it all????

Why do people that don't scrap, just not "get it"?? Scrapping very much follows trends and what is fashionable now, may not be in 50 years time. Our grandchildren will probably look through our albums and laugh at our paper choices, the clothes we dressed our kids in, and those prima flowers were sooooo 2006. But, i know that they will be so appreciative of the journaling that we put with our photos on our layouts in years to come. The importance of remembering certain events and moments in our lives is so crutial, especially for our children. I want my children to be able to look back in their albums and see what sort of children they were, the things they liked, the things they didn't, the things they were good at, the things that were a challenge for them, how much they were loved and what i am proud of them for, what i want them to know and what i wish for them in their lives. These are the important things, all the paper and embelishemnts, in my opinion are all just a creative outlet to ultimately get the message across. Take this photo as an example. This is one of my Grandma's photo's, but do you know who these people are? Are they family? Do they get along? Do you know who's house that is? Where is that house? When was the photo taken? Why was the photo taken? Do we really know anything about this photo at all? Luckily my Grandma is still around, so i can ask her, but what if she wasn't and I found all these old photos? What would I do with them if i don't know who they are? In my opinion, photos are useless without the information. I know they say a photo can "say it all" but does it really? Now, look at this layout. Yes the colours are bright and not everyones cup of tea, they are not really my cup of tea either, but they really do reflect the personallities of the girls in the photos. Which brings me to my next point......who are these girl? When were the photos taken? What is the significance of these photo's? Are they friends? How long have they been freinds? Where were they? What were they doing there? How old are they? What sort of friendships do they have? How long have they known each other for?

Well......read the journalling tags and you will find out!!!

So, to the people out there that "don't get it"...... i hope in 50 years time, your grandchildren are not sifting through your box of photo's wishing that they knew who these people were and where all these places are and why you took photos of them.

OK, thats my rant and babble for now. Catch ya.