Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The many uses of fish....

What is it with my kids???? Why the hell can't they concentrate??? We have had issues with Jacob and his concentration, attention span, not sitting still, not listening blah blah blah, thats not at all a shock to me, I know that. But Hailey????? Hailey's kinder teacher approached me yesterday about Hailey's "behaviour" at kinder, that she is one of the "disruptive" ones at group time, calling out that she has new shoes and head band when she is supposed to be listening to the story, "floats" around activities not staying long enough and that she may NOT be ready for school next year. At first I thought she must be talking to the wrong parent. This is my Hailey she was talking about, my Hailey that is always so well behaved, thrives on praise, the bestest helper girl, will sit for hours and draw, but OMG what the hell happens to her when she walks into kinder??? Am I blind??? Am I ignorant??? Have I been concentrating too much on Jacob that her issues have just slipped by me??? The kinder teacher will be applying for second year funding for Hailey to repeat kinder next year if she needs to, otherwise it will cost us $500 per term without funding, OMG!!! It's 8 1/5 hours a week, thats rediculous!! There was a talk at the local town hall last week about school readiness and I am kicking myself now that I didn't go, I wish her teacher had have appoached me earlier about this so I COULD have gone. I had no doubts in my mind that Hailey would be ready for school, her birthday is smack in the middle of the cut off dates, so its definately not her age. We kept Jacob back from kinder an extra year as his birthday was right ON the cut off date and even though I copped a bit of criticism for keeping him back, he is struggling enough as it is without him having to do it all a year earlier, I had no doubts I was making the right desicion and in light of his recent struggles, I KNOW I made the right I stick my rude finger up to those that criticised me about that. I am still really unsure of what to do with Hailey next year, I plan on talking to as many people as possible about it with anyone who has anything to do with Hailey. I am hoping that she will not need a second year of kinder but I guess if we have the back up of the second year of funding, then she can if she needs to. Anyway, I bet your wondering where the fish come into it.....I was talking to a friend last night and she suggested that fish oil is good for concentration etc......EWWWWWW FISH OIL. GROSS!!!! I could just imagine trying to pour fish oil down my kids throats everyday. BUT, I found this morning in my travels that the make a kids fish oil in yummy chewy fishy shapes. Yes, they look cute and inviting, but i am yet to see if they are as yummy as they say on the box. But, I am willing to try anything, so, we will see how we go. Thanks for letting me babble. Catch ya ;)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I have created a monster....

I have created a monster in my husband ............. A BLOG MONSTER!!!!!!!!! He has had a blog for a week and he has just gone totally mad!!!! I havn't been blogging that long either and had mentioned to him a few times that i thought he would really enjoy it because he is quite a creative writer but hasn't done much lately. Years ago, when we first got together he used to write heaps of stuff, he even used to write me poems, although anyone that knows me will find that incredibly funny, cause i just don't get that kind of romance, its so not me, LOL, sorry Honey! After a while he kinda got the hint and started writing me funny ones.... and i did "get" those ones. Anyway, as time passed, we got married, had kids, got busy, work, blah blah blah, you know how it is, and he really hasn't done much since then.......until NOW!!! For the past week he has lived, breathed and dreamt blog entries. I woke up this morning and while staggering my way to the shower (i am soooo not human till i have had my shower and woken up properly) he is in my ear telling me that he has a job on at Barry's Beach today and he is taking the camera and hoping to get some pics to blog tonight, and that when you think of barry's beach BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH...... i saw his lips moving, but seriously, i was still asleep. I think my new phrase is going to be ....... "blog it, i'll read it later!!!" I have totally created a BLOG MONSTER!!!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

The funny things kids say.....

A conversation between Jacob and brother-in-law Mark tonight.... Mark; did you do a school project? J; yep Mark; can i have a look? J; Its at school Mark; What did you do your project on? J; on lined paper. Too funny!!!! Just had to share that. Thats it from me today, pretty boring. Catch ya ;)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

More on Undies

Sorry everyone, i wasn't going to talk about undies in this post, but.......I had this turn up in my inbox this evening from my gorgeous, wonderful, talented, and beautiful friend Nic as an addition to my new BOM. Thank you sooooo much Nic. You have totally made my day with this and i am so honoured to have my arse on your last piece of kraft CS. Please note; me dropping my dacks in public is NOT standard practice and no animals or children were harmed in the recording of this incident!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cool Undies!!!

It's no secret that i have cool undies. Anyone who knows me well, knows i have cool undies and i am very proud to be wearing cool undies. But, it doesn't matter how much faith and trust you put into your cool undies, they can still give you a wedgie, they can still fall down and need a good hoik up every now and then. In reality, cool undies are just regular undies disguised as super cool, Cameron Diaz style undies with a cool picture on them. There is nothing special about these undies. Superman undies don't give you super powers and cool undies don't make you cool. I need to stop putting so much faith and trust into my undies, and put that same faith and trust into myself. I am old enough and grown up enough not to need cool undies. I am a strong enough person to go through life without needing cool undies to get me through. But all that asside, a bad day can seems a little more bareable when you can be comforted in the fact that you are wearing cool undies. I love my cool undies and I will continue to wear them proudly. I am now on a quest to find undies that say "BITE ME" and i will not stop till i have them, LOL. Anyway, my gorgeous friend came to visit me yesterday, thanks for the chat K, and i will leave you with a quote from her....... "Life's too short not to have amusing underwear."

Friday, May 26, 2006


8 1/2 x 11 it is!!!! And here is my very first LO for my BOM. I have seen this heart idea a few times so i am not sure who to credit for it, but it certainly isn't original. Photography was by my gorgeous friend Nic featuring me and my spunky hubby. He is so amazing and loves me even when i am a total cow. I think my Dad said to him on our wedding day "good luck" and he certainly has needed it. But he loves me anyway and i really do appreciate it. I love you too Honey ;) I am loving this size too, i was a bit worried about going out of the "square" but it totally rocks and i can use a 5x7 photo and still have some page left. I am so pumped about these LO's now, i will have to get stuck into it. Thanks for peeking.

Our luck seems to be changing.

And thank god it is too, this week has been one of those weeks that i dont wan't to repeat it EVER! The "fridge-fix-it" dude came this morning and fixed our fridge. It was just the thermostat, so it was easy to fix and way cheaper than a new fridge. I also have a new flat screen monitor arriving today as the work one is crapping itself as i type and its driving me nuts because the picture wont stay still. It's not that old and probably still in warranty, but the supplier it came from no longer exists....hmm, wonder a new monitor it is. And knowing my hubby, he will probably pull this one apart and see if he can fix it. And other exciting news.........Jacob won a Superman Xray Vision Pen in the cornflakes packet today. We were soooooo excited, LOL. Jacob and i spent ages in the cereal isle at the supermarket yesterday shaking all the cornie packets and that one felt like a lucky one, and YAY it was. So it looks like we will spend the weekend writing secret messages to each other, at least it might encourage him to practise his writing. I finished one of my DT projects last night, but i cant show you, LOL. You will have to wait, ha ha ha. And, i am thinking i might have a hack at a BOM LO today. I still havn't decided whether to go 9x9 or 81/2x11 yet. I am a bit scared of going outside the "square" format as it seems to work for me, but i also want this to be totally different to what i normally do. So, i am going to have a hack at an 81/2x11 and see how i go. Thats it for now as this screen is getting worse.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


What the hell is it with us and fridges???????????????? I am sure we are up to fridge number 3 since we have been in this house, and thats only 6 years. GGGRRRRRR!!!!!!! I am trying to convince George it's the house that hates fridges, if we had another house, the firdge would be fine. Such BAD timing!!!!! But then again, for a fridge to shit itself, there is never a good time is there? I had plans of being super organised today, going to the supermarket and KMart before work.....but instead, i have to spend my precious time carting food out to the shed. GGRRRRRRRRRR! Today had better improve!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I doodled my butt off !!!!

I finally got to use Karen's Flower Template today on a LO. This is probably the ONLY LO i have ever done that i have literally just slap stuff on and its defiantely the first LO i have done full on doodles on. It was quite liberating actually, LOL. I love looking at other people's doodled LO's especially the super talented Karen, but I never thought i could pull them off with my clean lined style. This was so much fun and i got way more carried away with it than i intended. I am soooo loving that white pen too, i think i will have to do way more doodling now...... i think i am addicted.

New Song.

Time for a new song. I was totally addicted to watching Rock Star INXS last year, and loved this song then and still do. Mmmmmmmm JD......Hubba Hubba!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just a quicky!!

It's late and I am tired, but i just wanted to say how much my friends mean to me. I love you both dearly (you know who you are) and i would be so lost without both of you. I am so grateful to have you in my life and in my family's life. Its definately a firendship worth fighting for. And to the "wild one"......consider this an IOU for a purple rinse ;)

Monday, May 22, 2006


Jacob has FINALLY finished his Grade 1 project and OMG was it a battle and a half!!!! We have had tears, yelling, bribery, more tears, tantrums, and even more tears (only the yelling and bribery were from me, LOL). We got a fair bit done yesterday, but still had more to do tonight.....its amazing how fast that kid can write when there is a brand new Beanie Kid sitting ontop of the TV waiting for him to finish. I tell you what, i am going to be one very broke Mummy if i have to buy him something every time he has homework. I am so glad to see the back end of that project, but i guess its just the start huh? Jacob dosn't really enjoy school, dosn't like sitting still, dosn't like writting, dosn't like learning, dosn't like reading readers with too many pages, dosn't like listening, dosn't like being told how to do something.......oh boy, how am i going to survive the next 11 1/2 years of school with this kid????????? I guess i just have to keep my fingers cross that it all clicks for him one day....hopefully very soon. On a brighter spunky hubby George and our good friend Nathan have started their own blogs (with a little peer preasure, LOL). Click their names to check them out.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Last 2 pics.

And the 2 pics that didn't fit in my last post....... Thanks for a grat day guys!!!!!!

The photo shoot pics

YAY, I finally got some time to play with the new photos. Here are some pics from yesterday, there were so many really good one, it was hard to cull them and it will cost me a fortune to print them all, but i can't wait to scrap them. Gggrrrr, i wanted more pics in here, hopefully i can add then in later. Jacob did a bit of his project, not finished yet, but made a good start on it. The poor thing just hates learning, writing, reading and concentrating, don't know how he will get through school, hopefully it will get easier for him.

THE new do....finally.

We had an absolutely awesome day yesterday. After work we went to hang out with Nicole and her gorgeous family. The weather was perfect for photoshoots so we all went to a local park armed with cameras and had so much fun. I am sooooo happy with the photos we got and i still have to play with them all, but can't wait to get them printed. After the park, we had a roast which was delicious and the company, as always, was just the best. Soooooo....I finally have a photo of my "new do" (well, not so new now) to show all those that have been asking me ;) So there you go!!!! After i have had time to play with these other pics i will put some in here....maybe later, i have a grade 1 homework assignment to work on today and cracking the whip on a 7 year old to get it done. Oh the joys. Lucky presentation is open, so we are going "scrapping style" LOL.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

True Friendship

Here is my LO from Raylene's Shabby girl class the other night. I have pretty much copied it directly, including same papers because Raylene's LO looked so gorgeous, i HAD to do it exactly the same and I am soo pleased with it. It even has pride of place on the mantlepiece at home which by the way, dosn't have my famous christmas display anymore, just incase you were wondering, LOL. Nic and I had our pic taken by Gayle for the shop to use for advertising etc. and I love this photo. I don't normally like photos of myself, but i like this one, not only because i think I look hot in it (not really, but it's half decent, LOL), but it also has my best friend Nic in it ;) I had trouble finding a B&W photo to use in the class, because as usual, i left it to the last minuite and this was the only B&W pic i had on the computer so the lovely Bec printed it out for me on her new printer so i could have it for the class (thanks Bec). I had planned to scrap this pic in my BOM (which i am yet to start) but i was wanting to do that in 8 1/2x11, but this one being a 12x12 I have decided this will go in Hailey's album and i will re-scrap it for my own album. The journalling is on the pull tab behind the photo and is a little note to my Hailey that says how much of an amazing connection i have with Nicole. With her unconditional friendship and support i have grown so much as a person since meeting her and my wish for Hailey is that she will find that same "true friendship" in her life and hopefully not have to wait till she is 30 to find it. Thanks for looking and reading my dribble. The sun is out, suprisingly enough on a weekend, and we are hoping to get out and take a few pics today. Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, May 19, 2006

LO Share and Update.

I promised a LO share of Jacob so here it is. WAY, WAY, WAAAAAAAAAY outside the square to my usual clean lined style but i quite like it. I went a bit crazy with paint and stamps, and it was fun to do. This is Jacob and his friend Nicolas from school. Jacob and Nick were in the same class last year and i am so glad that they kept them together this year too. They have really buddied up, which is GREAT for Jacob after all the issues he had last year of settling in socially. I am glad they are friends, Nicolas is a gorgeous little boy and his mum is a scrapbooker, what more could i ask for??? I spent part of my day yesterday putting up some .new papers on the site. I already have some stashed to use, it so much fun unpacking boxes of new stuff, its like Christmas. I so wanted to scrap yesterday and do Karen's challenge of using the flower template.....maybe today i might be able to find some time. Last night was Raylene's Shabby Girl class and it was great. Asside from her being an awesome teacher, that LO sample ROCKED!!! I am sooooooo please with how my LO is coming along. I only have the journalling and the title to do on it then i can share it ;) Can't wait to finish it. That's probably about all thats happened lately. As far as the weekend goes, Jacob has a school project to do, so we are hoping to get that sorted, which will invole a visit to my Grandma to ask her a few questions about when she was little. OK, thanks for visiting ;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Jacob found his Mother's day present for me.....apparently in a different part of his cupboard. He told me he put it up the top, so i climbed up there...a few times actually, trying to find it for him with no luck. And he found it tonight, in the other side of his cupboard and down the bottom.....go figure. Anyway, he had made me a card at school and it was really nice and definately worth the wait. How cute is that?? In other news, the Max newsletter went out last night and OMG, these DT girls SOOOOOO ROCK!!!!! They keep amazing me with their awesome creations and i am starting to feel a little like a fish out of water amongst them. I printed out Karen's flower patterns and i can't wait to give it a go. We have a comp running where all you have to do is use this template to create a LO and upload it to the gallery and you can win a RAK from the Max. Even though i can't enter, i am soo going to give it a go and can't wait. Here are my LO's from the newsletter. My ribbon LO of my crazy girl pulling faces looking cute. My girl....again. And using the new KI papers. And last one. My gorgeous nephew Samuel and nice simple one and no journaling as i am not journaling his album, just purely creative. And i have just realised that Jacob has missed out on a DT LO this month again......might have to make an effort to do a Jacob LO next month, LOL. I did a LO of him on Saturday at our crop so he is not totally missing out. Will put it in my next post, i promise. Ok, thanks for dropping by again ;)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Tag and Mothers Day weekend.

I was tagged by the lovely Nicole so i thought it was about time i got around to it. ln my Fridge: Milk Yoghurt Caffine free diet coke Cheese Heaps of sauces and spreads etc ummmmmm, havn't shopped for a while so thats pretty much it along with a few limp vegies in the bottom. In my Closet Clothes, not a lot that actually fit me, but there is a lovely pile of clothes in a smaller size waiting for me to get back into them. Christmas decorations. Old work stuff from my previous life as a childcare worker, that i still havn't decided if i will need again in the future. In my handbag A great big mess!!!!!! aswell as... Purse Phone, that i never hear ringing. Receipts Notes a bunch of yummy ribbon (not sure why that is still there) the work bank deposit book and more mess!!!! In my car Hmmm, more mess there too. Childcare receipts kids toys that they bring in the car then they never make it out rubbish rubbish and a little bit more rubbish. And an umbrella On my DVD / Video player Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding again the other night....soooo funny. Going to hire out Chicken Little tonight for the kids, hopefully, if they have any copies left. I am not tagging anyone, but if you want to give it a go, consider yourself tagged, LOL. Well, my weekend started Saturday with an all day crop at the shop which was quite fun, laughed HEAPS and then off to Nicole's house to spend the weekend with her lovely family. The dad's had dinner all ready for us when we walked in the door which was fantastic and very much appreciated after a hard day of scrapping (or rather, procrastinating while i should have been scrapping). Nic and I kicked butt at pool that night too. WOO HOO, CHICKS RULE!!!!!!! I was woken at 6.15am with 4 noisy children playing.....hmmmm, you'd think they would let us sleep huh??? Then that was quickly followed by my Hailey tapping me on the head asking if she could give me her mothers day present yet. She was promtly told to atleast wait till the sun came up before she could, i am sooo not a morning person, LOL. She has been hanging out for mothers day this year as they purchased a present at Kinder last monday, and for a 4 year old, having to keep a secret and hide a present for a whole week, can be tourture. But she did well to hide it and keep a secret even with me constantly bugging her asking what it is. I got from Hailey a little hand towel with a loopy bit to hang it up, which i did this morning in the bathroom, and a jar of bath salts she made at daycare for me. Jacob also hid a present for me, but managed to hide it so well, we cant find it, LOL. I am sure it will turn up when we least expect it. Sunday was a great day of just hanging around (cause it was raining AGAIN!!!) chatting and playing a few games. We were supposed to drop by and see George's mum in the evening, but as usual we 'over-stayed' at Nicole's yet again cause we have so much fun hanging out with them, and it was too late by the time we got home to go there. Our cat Jedi is much better today after we had a bit of an emergency with him Saturday morning. He must have got into a fight last week and ended up with an infected wound on his leg which George discovered Saturday morning after he picked him up and disturbed the wound and puss went everywhere (hmmmm, hopefully your not eating while reading this) so we had a massive reorganisation of child and work arrangements as both G and I were about to leave for work with a child each, to get the cat to the vets. So with a few drugs and antibiotics, he is feeling much better now. OK, that kinda turned out long winded, but lots had happened. The Max newsletter is due out tonight so i will have some LO's to share in my next post. Thanks for dropping by :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Useless Information

"On average, a four-year-old child asks 437 questions a day" Sooooooo, I worked out that Hailey, being an average 4 year old, would have about 9 hours of time when she is awake through an average day, which is the equivilent of 540 mins, which means that she would ask 1.235 questions every minute of the day........OMG. Hmmm, i guess that would explain why I go nuts from constant chattering at me from the kids. Ok, I am off to work in a sec, and going to stalk the postie on my way for my new lot of photos i am waiting for.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mum's lunch and convicts.

Yesterday was the Mother's Day lunch at Kinder and i also had kinder duty, which was nowhere near as painful as it normally is as the kids program had to run ahead of time because of the Mother's thing, so i didn't have to wash paint pots or anything, it was great. I really hate doing kinder duty, and being a trained kinder teacher makes it worse, as i used to get paid $20+ an hour to do the shitty jobs that i had to do for free. They say its nice to come in a see your child in their kinder environment and interact with them blah blah blah, but they give you so many darn jobs that you dont have time to even look at your child let alone interact with them .,Anyway, the Mother's day thing was quite nice. I got a beautiful flower from my girl a lovely icecream bucket hat to wear and a gorgeous card. On the back of the card they had answers to questions they asked the children about their mum's and it was so cute to read.....although i think i am the OLDEST kinder mum EVER!!! --------------------------------------- MY MUM, BY HAILEY My mum is 65 years old. My mum's favourite food is - "Kentucky" and noodles My mum's favourite thing to do is - Scrapbooking When my mum is busy she is - on the computer at work My mum's favorite TV show is - sometimes the news and her other favourite shows i don't know. My mum gets angry when - sometimes we "be" naughty My mum is happy when - my dad makes her laugh ---------------------------------------- In other news, at dinner last night Jacob reminded me that it was dress up day today at school. They are studying "change" at the moment and had to dress up as they would have in the past, they could dress up as early settlers, swagmen, convits, etc. He so badly wanted to dress up in army style clothes and be a "troop", but at short notice, you cant be fussy.....all i could round up was a few MM foam stamps, some MM paint and a white tshirt to make him look like a convict.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Absolutely NOTHING happened this weekend. We didn't really go anywhere or do anything and it drives me nuts. I am not the sort of person that can just stay at home and do nothing all weekend, I've always gotta be doing something. George is the total opposite and is quite happy to stay home all weekend but it drives me crazy. He wouldn't even go for a drive today, GGGrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Anyway, we had a "very breif" trip to the local bush reserve yesterday (probably only there for 1/2 hour, not enough "out" time for me i am affraid) and i got a few photos of the kids. I don't know if I am either getting more fussy with my photos or I am becoming a very bad photographer. I have been really unhappy with the photos I have been taking lately. I am sure its not the camera as I have seen AMAZING photos taken on this camera by Gayle who owned the camera before me, so I am positive it can't be the camera. Maybe I need to spend a little more time playing around with it, I am hopeless at reading manuals which might be "the" problem, LOL, so I am probably not using the camera to its full potential. Anyway, here are the only half decent photos I ended up with from yesterday.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Now with music...

Yes, i have music on my blog YAY. To start with i have Kelly Clarkson with my fave song at the moment. If you dont like it....DONT press play!!!!!! I dont want to hear anyone complaining!!!!! I like it and it's MY blog, LOL. Thanks Nicole for getting it on there, i know it was painful for you, ROFLMAO!!!

Off to a good start.

I am having a great day so far and feel like i am acheiving something. I got the kids off to where they were going today, and i went home to clean the bathrooms before work, not the most fun job in the world, but i am happy i got them done. I have packed an order, eaten a tim tam......ooops, and it is the start to a good day and hopefully a good weekend too. We don't have plans for the weekend yet, but generally, no plan is a good plan. I want to get some more photos, so it will depend a lot on the weather as to what we do. Last night was Nicole's mini album class and it was fantastic. I was actually a bit anxious about going to the class, but i went with a positive attitude, wearing my new "cool undies" and i had a great time. The girls on my table were so much fun and despite the fact i wasn't organised and didn't have any photos, i am really pleased with how my mini album is coming up. I just need to get the photos organised and finish it off. So, despite Nicole's sexy husky voice, she did a great job with a large class and her sunshine was blinding ;) It was probably the best class i have been to so far, well done Nic. So the rest of my day will consist of gracing the website with a few new products and finishing a LO of my gorgeous nephew Samuel i have had sitting on my desk that i've been trying to finish for the last few days . Have a great day everyone. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A new do!!!!

I am totally impressed with this salon I went to today. It took me by suprise to get an appointment so soon and i hadn't really had time to think about what i wanted done etc, which was probably a good thing. I let them pretty much do whatever they thought was cool and i SOOOOOOOO love my NEW DO. I even got a free facial cleansing treatment aswell, the massage chairs were kinda freaky though, not sure if i like them. I have had comments all day about my hair, the chick where i get my lunch commented, the chick at the bank, the checkout chick at the i am hoping that when they say, "did you get your hair done, it looks great" that they really mean "it looks great" and not, "WHOLEY CRAP, what the hell happened to your hair? but i better compliment you cause it probably cost you a fortune". Even the kids commented when i picked them up. And George....well, he dosn't normally notice these sort of things or its just a "hmm, thats looks good", but tonight he noticed straight away and almost threw me on the floor there and then .... so i am guessing that means he likes it, LOL. So, not only do i have a new do....that i will no doubt be cursing in the morning when i cant get it to sit right....i also had a wonderful chat tonight with my best friend in the whole world. You know who you are and i am so bless to have you in my life and i look forward to getting a purple rinse with you ;)

New Header.

I took another photo yesterday for the online shop and thought i would change my blog header too. You can see a li9ttle sneek peek of Nicole's gorgeous Mother's Day Mini Album for her class this week. Click here to see the full cover. Ok, I am off to get my hair cut......OMG i can't beleive how excited i am, i rang to make an appointment thinking it might be a while before i can get in with my limitted time schedule, but they said, "Come in NOW!!!" OMG, how exciting.........back later, have a good day everyone. ;)

Monday, May 01, 2006

ABC 123

I was so happy today when i went to pick up my boy from the daycare centre he goes to after school. Jacob hasn't been going there very long and only needs a few days after school here and there, so he isn't there a lot either, but i was really pleasantly suprised tonight at how something really little that someone can say, can really mean so much. The last child care centre he was at after school i ended up pulling him out of because he was being bullied by another child which i was witness to on a particular day, as the staff just casually walked past him while he was spat on and generally pushed around. Needless to say, THAT was his last day there. Beofre i was witness to it, i knew he had "difficulties" with another child as i had had to sign the accident book a few times, and listen to staff tell me how horrible Jacob had been that day, and only because he was probably trying to stand up for himself. Being childcare trained myself and know I would never let bullying in this type of environment get out of hand, i had every faith that the staff where doing their job in dealing with the situation, but obviously not. Jacob hated going and i felt like the meanest mother in the world by making him go, only because i had no other option. Anyway, i took him straight to the only other childcare centre that do school pickups and enrolled him there and its the best thing i ever did. The staff there are lovely and I have never had a negative dealing with them. Jacob is MUCH happier there and I am much happier knowing that he is happy. Ok, got side tracked....TODAY i went in to pick him up and the staff showed me a building that he had made with the blocks. They had obviously been guarding it with their lives also so it was still standing for me to see it, and commented how hard he worked on it and how carefull he was building it etc. It was so lovely that someone has seen the positive side of him, not just a typical boy with concentration and social "issues". As they spoke to me he was grinning from ear to ear and when he got in the car he told me he wanted to be an "atretect" (architect). They have really boosted his confidence and also mine in the childcare system that there are childcare workers out there that see the children for who they are and not just an "issue" to deal with. Thank you ABC.